A Zero-Waste Wool Mill!

A Collaboration of Friends

This is the page where you will find products and services of friends I have collaborated with here on the farm and in the mill.   I strongly believe that the relationships with others comes first.  I also believe we should all be cheerleaders for each other.  When someone supports me, I want to give back.  Here you will find some treasures. 

I first met Billy Maxwell  at Copper K Fiber Festival in 2020 where he was teaching and I was vending.   I have collaborated with him on a 100% Montana Made Reproduction Point Blanket.  It's all his idea, going back several years for him.  It has forced me outside of my norm here and opened up new possibilities with my fiber.  Billy dyes the yarn with indigo for the stripe.  They are woven in Terry, MT by Laina Therrien.  

100% Montana Made Wool Blanket

 Check out the shop for some awesome bison/lamb's wool blend yarn.  Billy provided the soft, downy bison fiber and my lamb's provided the wool.  This has to be one of my favorite yarns we've ever created.  It's the texture and the color.   We also have some of his bison fluff for sale on the website.