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A 100% Montana Made Wool Blanket Pre-Orders Only! Limited Edition Third Run 1/2 Down

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July 31, 2021

Update:  Please read thoroughly.  

We are opening up the third warp for these very special blankets.  What that means is, as of today (above date), the first warp is on the loom.  That's a total of 9 blankets.  The second warp is is sold out and orders are now being accepted for the 3rd warp.  We wish to minimize Laina's warping work this way.  

My first collaboration with Billy Maxwell is this reproduction point blanket.  Having met Billy during a fiber festival in 2020, we then began collaborating on this blanket.  What resulted were months of experimentation in order to bring this 100% Montana made wool blanket to you.   

We are currently taking pre-orders for them.  Billy does the indigo dyeing for the 3"  stripe.  (5 inch is shown in the prototype).  The wool is from my sheep here on the farm.  This is our initial run with variations possible in the future.  

The blankets are 68" x 86"  Traditional "points" are optional.  Let me know if you'd like them on your blanket.  You can choose the traditional 3" stripe or the 5" stripe.  

If they need washing in the future, you can send it back to the mill for free a professional, non-chemical wash or contact me on how to wash it at home.  We never recommend dry cleaning for wool.  

Half down of $250 is due upon ordering and the equal balance (shipping not included in this price) is due when the blanket is complete.  These are unique, Montana Made blankets from start to finish.  The balance will be billed to you with the shipping costs upon completion.  I did my yarn CSAs this way for over 10 years, so take heart in knowing all good things take time.  

One of our 3 prototypes is shown here in my sheepherder's cabin.  I wish you could feel how lovely this is.  If you know point blankets, and Billy does, this is about as close as it gets.