A Zero-Waste Wool Mill!

If You're Sending Wool

Skirted or not?  Do Not Send Unskirted Fiber.

It is in your best interest financially to skirt your wool.  Skirting is the process of removing all of the largest vegetable matter (VM), tags, which include grease and poop tags, burrs, wood shavings, sticks, etc from the wool.  You are paying on incoming weight, so you are essentially paying for what is tossed in the compost.  Skirting takes up much of my valuable time and I have to charge for that service. 

As of Jan 1, 2022

My skirting fee is $8/lb, again that is incoming weight.  This raises your price per lb for wash/pick/card from $13 or $15 to $21 or $23, depending on the breed. 

It is necessary to do this since it takes time away from other mill duties.  I'd rather be carding your wool or making your yarn than picking poop balls from it.   You will receive a skirting invoice, which requires your signature and agreement after delivery of your wool, if I deem it necessary to skirt here at the mill.  

Please include your full name and address plus your phone number and email address inside the shipping box.  Label each bag separately with specific instructions for the product you would like to have made, unless it is all to be combined.  Including the breed type is very helpful for us here as well.  If you'd like yarn made, a sample of 10 to 20 yards is also very helpful.  

Please read over the policies and procedures page as well.  

Ship to:

The Wool Mill

5477 Swamp Rd

Belgrade, MT  59714