A Zero-Waste Wool Mill!

Processing Prices

We are currently accepting wool for processing and are 4-5 months out, meaning if you drop your raw wool off for processing, it will be 4 to 5 months before you have a finished product.  

If you want 100% alpaca or llama, we can recommend other mills here in Montana who love working with it and have the equipment to do so.  

Please note the price on fine wool below.

Minimum Quantities:  We are happy to make roving for you in any amount.  Quantities under 10 lbs have a minimum  $50 set-up fee for carding.  We do have wool available for purchase to add to yours, if you want to go that route.  Sometimes a blend will yield a much nicer product in the end depending on the breed and fiber type.  10 lb minimum for yarn batches.  Close counts!  

Deposit:  If you only want your raw fiber washed and carded into roving or batts, multiply the number of pounds of you're sending times $12.00  and send half as your deposit.  As an example:  10 lbs x  $12 is $120.   Your deposit would be $60.

If you want yarn made, please send the full amount for roving and batts.  You will be billed for the yarn when it's complete, based on the finished yarn weight.  Using the above example, $120.00 would be your deposit.  

Scouring Only

$7.00/lb  add $1.50/lb for particularly dirty or greasy wool. This is based on incoming raw weight of fiber. We reserve the right to reject fiber if it is heavily contaminated with vegetable matter, bugs, or if some other reason we think we will not be able to get it clean enough for effective processing. We prefer that you send raw fiber. You may send scoured fiber, but if re-scouring is required for proper performance on our equipment, we must charge accordingly. Our scouring agent is citrus-based and includes no synthetic or petroleum-based alcohols or oils.

Sometimes a rewash or a partial rewash must be done in order to remove the lanolin of some fleeces.  Add $2./lb for each additional rewash.  

$2 - $4/lb for washing your pre-washed fiber (we don't encourage this; it seems it's harder to get a good result with fibers that have been washed, dried, stored and later re-washed.

Note: Our normal wash cycle consists of pre-wash (initial rinse to remove the bulk of dirt), two washes, two rinses. Therefore an extra wash is generally not required. However some particularly greasy fleeces (e.g. rambouillet, corriedale) or fine clays combined with grease demand extra washing.    Fleeces that have been stored for years sometimes require extra washing.

We always sort through the wool in preparation for scouring, but if your fleeces have a lot of unacceptable debris such as burrs, heavy chaff, manure tags, we will need to charge $25/hr. for the extra time required for handling. If the contamination is extreme, we will return the fleece at customer's expense. It's in your best interest to provide well-skirted fiber.


$12/lb.  This includes washing, pick and carding to batts or roving.

$14/lb for fine wool breeds.  This is due to the fact that it slows our production down.  We have to card it at a much slower rate.  Targhee, Rambouillet, Merino, etc.  

Carding fees are based on incoming raw weight of fiber. (see discount above)

We can card as little as 2 lbs, but we must charge a minimum of $50 due to machine cleanup time required for all lot sizes.   Note that some mills charge for carding based on finished weight, and some charge based on raw weight.   We choose the latter because it is easiest for you to determine costs up front, and it provides an incentive for you to send us well-skirted wool; the cleaner your clip, the better your deal, and the more efficient our mill will be.

$8/lb If you send us your washed wool to be carded into roving or batts.  Again, due to the lanolin in wool, it is often necessary to put your wash wool through one or two hot rinses.  This makes the carder a lot happier.  

Pin Drafting

$14/lb based on incoming raw weight of fiber.  This is for wash/pick/card/pin-draft into sliver.  If you are a hand spinner, this is actually an added step/cost that is not necessary.  The roving turns out quite nicely on its own.  


Based on finished weight of yarn.   Price below includes drafting and spinning of wool fibers.   See separate fee for washing/carding, and for plying/skeining or coning.    The yields from raw wool to carded wool, and from carded wool to yarn vary a lot, depending on grease, dirt and vegetable matter, and on fiber type and tip damage.   That is why we must institute separate fees for washing/carding (based on raw weight)   vs. drafting/spinning (based on finished weight).     Otherwise growers with clean wool end up getting penalized, which is illogical and unfair, OR we end up bearing the increased labor and maintenance costs of handling contaminated or damaged wool; that will quickly force us out of business.

We strive for as high a yield as possible, but we can't make predictions before we try out your fiber.   Our spinning frame can handle staple lengths ranging from 3 to 12 inches.   If you have a sample of the yarn style you would like us to match, send it along with your fiber.   Otherwise give us as much description of your objectives as possible: twists per inch, yards per   pound, etc.   If you'd rather have us make an assessment of a suitable yarn for your fiber, we're happy to do that. The spinning frame does seem to run most smoothly at particular speeds for particular fibers and each has its own sweet spot.  

If we observe characteristics of your fiber that we believe may hinder a consistent, attractive, spin (e.g. gummy tips, weak fibers, excessive short fibers), we'll discuss that with you before beginning processing. You may choose to have us proceed at your risk (sometimes imperfect fibers yield imperfect, funky, wonderful yarns), though we reserve the right to reject fibers for spinning in cases of extreme contamination or other problems.

It is most helpful to send a sample of the yarn you'd like us to make.  20 yards is a great length for us to use to determine the necessary calculations.

 $20/ lb for drafting/spinning to 2 ply or 3 ply yarn.    

This price is for skeined yarn.    


Felting services are still available through us and provided by Becky.  If you want some of your wool made into felt, please let us know.


 All prices above are for payment of cash or check.  Credit cards are accepted, but will be assessed a service fee.  

When the mill equipment is running, we can't hear the phone.  Please leave a message or drop an email and LaVonne will respond as soon as it's possible.