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Moe & Friend Limited Edition Aran 3 ply Yarn

Moe & Friend Limited Edition Aran 3 ply Yarn

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3 ply Aran, 190 yds/100 gr

Moe was a bottle baby here several years ago. Middle Creek Montessori was looking for a lamb back in 2008.  They took him in and raised him. He taught the kids many things over the course of a few years. 
Back in 2020, I received an email from a man in Bozeman who had some wool he didn't want to go to waste. Just 2 fleeces. I stopped while in town one day to pick them up and in the course of the conversation, I asked if I could see the sheep.  I immediately knew the one was Romney and I asked where they came from.  They came with the place, but his name was Moe. I was delighted to see this old wether still thriving on the fringes of Bozeman with his sheep friend, a Rambouillet.  Over the next couple of years, Bill would bring me their fleeces and a few others he has acquired.  Moe had shown up in the mill before from another person.  She had been given his fleece.  
Recently I was rearranging the wool shed and came across "Moe & Friend" all washed and waiting to be carded.  I decided to toss it on the carder and make some yarn.  I had not heard from Bill this year about fleeces, so I contacted him to check on Moe.  Moe died in his sleep this past winter.  He was 14.  What a great life he had.  
If your kids went to Middle Creek and knew Moe, here is the yarn from him and his friend, before the other sheep joined them.