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A Montana-Made Point Blanket Limited Edition 6th Run (Warp)

A Montana-Made Point Blanket Limited Edition 6th Run (Warp)

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100% Montana Made!  
From the sheep who grow the wool
to the blanket you place on your bed and all steps in between.  

As of December 11, 2023

Full cost is $550 plus shipping.  You will pay a deposit of 1/2 down and the balance due when the blankets are ready.  This has been taking anywhere from 6 months to almost a year.  Believe me, they are worth the wait. 

Please read thoroughly.  

It takes a full year for a sheep to grow the fleece for these blankets.  After shearing, we process the wool here at the mill.  Please read more about our zero-waste operation.   We do care about the environment and it's imperative we have happy, healthy sheep.  After the wool is spun, a small portion is handed off to Billy Maxwell to hand-dye with Indigo and then sent to Wood-n-Woven in Terry, MT for weaving.  

This is my first collaboration with Billy Maxwell and Laina Therrien.  The blankets are reproduction 1700's point blankets like Lewis and Clark would have traded to the Native Americans on their expedition using specifications from that era.  This is NOT a fine wool blanket.  They are made with a medium wool with a long, 6 to 7 inch  staple length, which when washed and fulled, gives a fine halo and no pilling.  The drape and keen on these blankets are very much like a vintage point blanket, but have their own special unique qualities.  You will be amazed at the softness.

This is an original project of Billy's. We met at a local fiber festival in 2020 and began collaborating on this blanket project soon after. Three prototypes were made at that time and here we are today.  This project has been in his head for well over 25 years.  It has been a learning experience for everyone involved, to say the least.  Each step required many little steps to proceed forward, sometimes taking a couple of steps backwards.  It has been quite the experience to see this project through to fruition.   

The blankets are 68" x 86"  Traditional "points" are stitched in here at the mill after I receive them back to me from the weaver.  They are the 3 little bars above the stripe on the blanket and indicate the weight of the blanket.  These weigh in at roughly 4.5 lbs, which is 3 points.   All blankets will have the points and the traditional 3" stripe. (These are the wider bars on either end of the blanket. ) 

If they need washing in the future, you can send it back to the mill for free a professional, non-chemical wash or contact me on how to wash it at home.  We never recommend dry cleaning for wool.  

These are unique, Montana Made blankets from start to finish.  Not only are they 100% Montana made, they are 100% Craftsman made. I am certain I already said that, but it's something I am proud of and it bears repeating!