A Zero-Waste Wool Mill!

The Picker!

Yesterday I was thinking about all of the machines that go into this process of making roving, batts and yarn.  While none of it is needed to create it, it sure makes life easier and is faster.  Think about the Vikings who wove their ship sails from wool!  All of that wool had to be spun by hand.  It's possible.  

Each piece compliments the next and helps it along in the process.  There is a definite synergy there.  When one piece is not working, for whatever reason, the synergy is broken.  

Today is the day the picker gets hooked up.  It has been a long-time coming!  We had a big snowfall here and the guys are coming from out of town, so let's hope all goes as planned.  I will write more tomorrow about this crazy, loud machine.  Its job is to open the fibers so the carder has an easier job.  Some breeds can be easily done by hand, others not so much.  I admit, this has set me back a bit, but again, out of my control.  Patience.  

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