A Zero-Waste Wool Mill!

The End and The Beginning

The end of 2017 is here and tomorrow we will bring in a new year.  Personally I am ready for this year to be over.  It was a difficult year in many ways on many levels, but I am focused on looking ahead.  

It was a year ago on the 22 of Dec that I approached Dave and Becky about us purchasing the mill equipment and moving it to our farm.  Good things take time, I guess, but this has been a lesson in patience for me and my family.  Let me just say that some of us have more patience than others here.  I never would have guessed that a project could take so long.  There were many factors in the equation, including a booming building industry in our area.  That made finding help, or even a return phone call, very difficult.  

The plan is to move the equipment the first week in January.  We can only hope that the moon and stars and everything else needed are all aligned and the move is a smooth transition.  

I am nervous, excited, cautiously optomistic and,  true to my natural inclination, I have probably just shared too much.  I've never been one to sugar-coat things and pretend they're perfect when they're not.  Maybe airing my struggles will help someone realize they're not alone.  Life ebbs and flows.  I am looking forward to flow in the coming year.  

Happy 2018!  I hope yours is full of wooly love in a variety of forms.


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