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Taking a break.....

Sometimes life gives us a day off from the normal activities and puts us in another mode.  Yesterday was one of those days.  Did I tell you I've been looking for nuggets?  Little chunks of joy and happiness that might get otherwise overlooked.  I am trying very hard to be intentional, conscious of those little blessings dropped in front of me or even right on top of me.  I found a whole building full of them yesterday in a very unexpected location.  Livingston Heath Care  , formerly know as Livingston Memorial Hospital.  Yes, a hospital!  

Some of you know the story of my mom's battle for her life after routine gallbladder surgery in Bozeman.  It was 21 days in ICU, 33 days in the hospital total, and another 30 days in rehab learning how to walk again.  I have said many times that I made no friends there, but I still have my mom.  When my son had to have a small operation done, he chose to cross the pass and head over to Livingston.  What a world of difference in so many ways.  

We arrived before they opened and followed directions by going to the ER.  From there we were sent down the hall and up the stairs to surgery waiting.  We literally turned the lights on for everyone yesterday there since they are motion activated.  Everyone we came into contact with was warm and caring.  They were all genuine and seemed to love their jobs.  

Once Kelly was headed into surgery, Chris and I headed for some breakfast.  Again, everyone was warm and caring, even the staff in the cafeteria.  I had heard the food was good here and their wish was that it would be a place people might come for lunch.  Apparently they make it all from scratch.  We enjoyed our breakfast and FREE coffee and then I wandered the halls a bit to look at this gorgeous building.  

The hospital is built on land that was a former sheep ranch.  MANY sheep!  The hallway leading up to the cafeteria has photos of that sheep ranch on one side.  They are part of a collection of photos by John Haberstroh who began photographing the ranch in the early twenties and eventually devoted over 30 years to the project.  That's A LOT of photos!  The Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman has a traveling exhibit of these photos and I know I saw them many years ago.  I think it's time for them to display them again!  It was fun to see a few of his photos on display and honor paid to the hard-working Harvat Sheep Ranch that was once part of this property.  

This hospital and health care center is decorated with some fabulous art work from many local artist, photographers and sculptures.  The man who greeted me at the info desk told me they have many visitors who come just to see the art work and some of it does rotate.  It really is worth a trip.  Have lunch and tour the halls.  There's something beautiful around each corner and tucked into thoughtful spaces that might otherwise be a blank wall.  

This facility is thoughtfully planned out in every way, including the care that is shown and given to the patients who walk through the doors.  

I am impressed!  


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