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Spring's Hope Eternal

It should be a bumper sticker! "I survived the winter of 2019!"

The newspaper said we just had the coldest February-March on record.  I am here to tell you, that comes as no surprise.  After lambing in -37 and the next night -27, you will get no argument from me.  I lived through it!  Yes, we survived the winter of 2019.  

My mom was grumping about one day because of the weather.  I told her she didn't have a corner on that market.  EVERYONE was sick of the weather!  We were all in it together.  

The snow has not all melted yet and there's standing water all over my sheep pasture.  The frost has not come out of the ground here in the Swamp, so we now have a "lake".  The ducks and geese are happy, so at least there's that.  

Today I feel as though there's hope though.  My husband had hip replacement this morning and for anyone who lives with daily pain, you know what I am talking about.  Post-surgery, however, his attitude has greatly improved.  I noticed it right away, but feared it was only the pain killers hiding the real pain.  So far that is not the case.  He feels so much better and in turn his outlook is so much sunnier.  For him and for the rest of us dealing with winter, it's like a load off!  A huge weight has been lifted from our shoulders and there is hope on the horizon!  Hope springs eternal!  

As I drove home today I had plenty of time for thinking and here's my attempt at summing it all up in poetry.  

Spring's Hope Eternal

Gray turns to blue sapphire sky
Branches bulge, tips ready to rupture forth
No sound, no scent, no touch or taste
Dogwood's red and Willow's gold
By sight alone and invisible sap, spring is hope eternal.

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  • Your thoughts echo mine. Although my hubby is recovering also. His severe pain is gone. Although he can’t move much, he is much better. Give those lambs a hug and take care of yourself, too.💖

    Barb Garritson

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