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Oh Valentine!

Where has the time gone?  We are half way through this month of February already.  Crazy.  Things have been busy here with a variety of things inside and outside of the mill.  Life happens and you go with the flow.  I am blessed with 2 part-time workers who have helped me pick up the slack.  It's good to know I can leave here, if needed, and the mill will keep on running. 

Some people get all wrapped up in the origins of Valentine's Day and refuse to acknowledge the day.  It's the same with Halloween or many of the other "Holidays" we humans have on our calendars as reminders to celebrate.  Although I am not in favor or the whole consumerism aspect of any holiday, I do subscribe with giving from the heart.  That's true for any day.  

I have fond memories of Valentine parties in grade school and actually before I went to school.  Do you remember the days of inviting a Valentine to your school party?  I don't know if they still do that, but I was a guest at a party in the old elementary school in Manhattan before I ever attended school.  I won't forget that.  As I recall, it was a pretty big deal for me at the time.  I also have fond memories of the Valentines and decorating the boxes we put them in.  Sometimes we decorated them at home, sometimes at school.  As an adult I have made many hand-made Valentines as well.  I love it.  I have a friend who has an annual Valentine's party in her home and each year we craft something.  It started out with making Valentines at her house many years ago.  I didn't make it this year and I didn't get any Valentine's made here at home.  I missed it.  I miss it.  I will plan better next year, right?  

So for today, carry on with a heart full of love and celebrate in your own special way.  Don't let consumerism dictate!  

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