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Each day is a gift and wrapped inside is a hidden message.  It's up to us individually to be in tune with our lives enough to read the message.  There may be one or there may be many, but it's up to us to be open to receiving them.  These little nuggets are all blessings.

As I started my day this morning, I wondered what nugget I would find.  I just really only wanted one.  One little nugget to let me know I am headed down the right path.  It's amazing what happens when your open yourself up to the possibility of receiving these blessings.  Not only did I find one, but many!  So many, in fact, that at one point I thought I should start writing them down.  The sunrise, the sky, the colors were all amazing as I headed out to the winter farmer's market.  My first nugget in visual form.  I've lived here all of my life and the sunrises and sunsets still take my breath away.  

The start of the market was slow this morning.  That was just fine with me.  I was able to catch up with some of the vendors I never have time to visit with.  So many "Happy New Years" were exchanged.  

Back to my spot as a vendor and again, many well-wishers as well as hugs!  LOTS of hugs!  The kind of hugs that release endorphins and just make you happy!  I had so many wonderful people stop by and visit.  New potential customers, new ideas, happy customers and again, more hugs.  Nuggets were shared.  Nuggets a-plenty!  My pot o'gold was filling right up. 

My stop at the grocery store was filled with even more!  Sometimes I shake my head in amazement, but mostly I just need to trust, which was my word that guided me through 2018!  

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